Thursday, 23 July 2015

All is sunny in Florida, as Helios rises for ORoPO

"Industry's First Turnkey Service for IP Owners to Audit, Record and Register with the Open Register of Patent Ownership Database" is the title of a media release issued today by Helios Intellectual Property. For those readers of this blog who are not Greek scholars, Helios was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology, and indeed the Greek word for the Sun today is helios (ήλιος, to the cognoscenti). The Sun shines in quantity in Tampa, Fla., where Helios Intellectual Property is based, which might explain the choice of name.  Be that as it may, the media release reads, in relevant part, as follows:
Helios Intellectual Property today announced its new service to support the Open Register of Patent Ownership (, to assist IP owners audit, record and register their patent assignment and ownership formalities to optimize their participation in the ORoPO initiative. With founding members including IBM, Microsoft, ARM, BAE Systems, Shazam, Patent Properties, Conversant, and Finjan, ORoPO’s mission is to address the critical need for a comprehensive public database of patent ownership information. In launching this new service, Helios Intellectual Property will help drive adoption of ORoPO as an important international resource. 
Said Ralph Schroeder, CEO of Helios Intellectual Property.
“When we were introduced to ORoPO, we instantly saw its value and importance, and the opportunity for our clients to become part of the movement to address the IP community’s need for open information about patent ownership.  We are excited to join the community, and provide an enabling service for our clients to participate in the ORoPO initiative.”
Recognizing Helios’ announcement, Nigel Swycher, ORoPO director, said, 
“Gaining broad adoption of the ORoPO Register is critical to fulfilling our mission to create an authoritative source of patent ownership information. We welcome Helios’ role in helping its clients participate in ORoPO.”
At the same time as Helios Intellectual Property committed itself to ORoPO, the company also announced a new service package that will enable its clients to both submit to the Register, and audit their ownership status across over 180 worldwide patent offices. The service will compare a company’s internal registration information against official patent office ownership data, and file the documentation required to make necessary corrections. Helios Intellectual Property will also process the client’s submission to ORoPO.

All of this is encouraging news for ORoPO which, while still in its relative infancy, is continuing to gain momentum as its potential value is increasingly recognised.

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