Friday, 24 July 2015

Finjan signs up with ORoPO: who next will wake up and smell the coffee?

The internet has been awash over the past couple of days with news snippets and Tweets about web security company Finjan signing up to commit its verified patent ownership records to the ORoPO Foundation, the not-for-profit organisation that gives an accessible point of access to accurate patent ownership data.

The addition of Finjan brings to 10 the number of patent-owning entities that have taken this step, following in the footsteps of ARM, BAE Systems, IBM, Microsoft and the rest.  To have achieved this level of support just one month after its launch is testimony to the importance given to need to make accurate data available.

On a totally irrelevant note, the name Finjan is not without meaning. A finjan was originally a small porcelain handle-less coffee cup, of the sort that you might well come across in the Middle East. According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary the word, which is Arabic, is derived from the Persian. Nowadays the word is used to indicate not so much the cup itself as the pot in which the coffee is prepared.  The symbolism of coffee is that it is both a stimulant (just like patents) and an embodiment of the notion of waking up and smelling the coffee as a metaphor for heightened awareness of the situation in which one finds oneself. Is this not an appropriate imagery for any company joining ORoPO?

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