Tuesday, 28 July 2015

ORoPO in San Francisco: some plaudits and a cautious welcome

As reported on today's IP Finance blogpost, Aistemos's friends at Intellectual Asset Management  magazine (IAM) have compiled a short, well-presented video with the title "Transparency in Patent Ownership".

... and ORoPO later?
Shot during this year's IPBC 2015 conference in San Francisco, it succinctly summarises the virtues of signing up for the ORoPO Open Register of Patent Ownership (for example, you can more easily check who owns a patent and therefore whether you've already been paid the right business for a licence to use it; it can also lead to the making of major savings).

The hesitancy felt by at least one major patent owner -- Philips -- about making its verified patent ownership data available is also expressed (basically, ORoPO is a good idea in principle but the "pool's a bit cold so let's all jump in together" -- in other words, the decision is easier if one's competitors are doing the same thing at the same time).

The video also discussed the efficiencies that can be achieved by approaching other businesses working in a field of mutual interest, if only one can identify the right people to approach.

You can view the video, all 4  minutes and 27 seconds of it, by clicking here.

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  1. If commitment to ORoPO is as beneficial as is claimed and has no apparent downside, why are so many patent owning entities so hesitant to commit? Is there something in the equation that we are missing here?