Thursday, 20 August 2015

HERE today, gone tomorrow - but still here: the paradox of Nokia

"HERE yesterday, gone today – but still here: the paradox of Nokia" is the title of an Aistemos Industry Report, published yesterday in IAM's latest Editor's round-up. It opens by asking:
What is Nokia? Investors need to know. The name keeps cropping up in different information and communications technology (ICT) sectors – but what does it represent? In a series of interlocking markets, is Nokia manufacturing or mapping, licensing or litigating?   
These questions are not idle speculation; Nokia has changed greatly in the past year or so following the $7.2 billion sale of its handset business to Microsoft, its recently cleared €15.6 billion all-share deal to acquire French equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent and the even more recent sale of its mapping business HERE for €2.8 billion to an automotive consortium comprising Daimler, BMW and Audi. Nokia products are still on the streets, but is there now a disconnect between the brand message of Nokia’s heritage products and the company’s current activities? 
A fully functional four-dimensional image of Nokia can be constructed using IP analytics:
  • the breadth of its market activity; 
  • the depth of its coverage of key technologies;
  • the potential longevity of intangible assets that can be licensed or enforced; and
  • the direction in which these assets are impelling its business operations. 
Using Cipher – the latest in IP business intelligence and analytics – Nokia can be analysed through this lens. 
You can read how Cipher's analysis pans out by clicking here to read the rest of this Industry Report here. Other reports in the series can be accessed here.
Impact of the Alcatel-Lucent acquisition  ©Aistemos 2015

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