Thursday, 20 August 2015

Taking the Escalator from Innovation to Investment

"Innovation to Investment – How to capitalise on your IP" takes place at the Barclay Escalator's London Innovation Loft (right) on Friday 25 September. It's a good, solid afternoon seminar, starting at 2 pm prompt, with the serious content running till 5 pm and leading on to a two-hour free-drink networking facility.   The name of the venue resonates well with the seminar's title, since the journey from innovation to investment so often requires an escalation of effort and focus as well as funds, if the lofty aspirations of both innovators and investors are to be fulfilled.

First to speak is our own CEO Nigel Swycher, who opens the event by explaining how to implement an IP strategy. Nigel's point is that all the evidence suggests that companies with a strategic approach to the management of their intellectual property (particularly their registered assets) do well. However, success is not automatic: the IP foundations for successful growth and exit must be put in place early -- and they don’t have to cost the earth.

Other speakers then address brand protection for start-ups (including choice of brand name, clearance, costing, enforcement and domain name issues) and life beyond commercialisation (focusing on transferring the value of intangible assets, practical due diligence, exit and the preservation of any key residual rights).

Click here for full information, registration and a map showing where you can find the venue. Registration is free.

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