Thursday, 10 September 2015

Aistemos on LinkedIn: have you checked us out?

Aistemos operates a carefully moderated LinkedIn Group, in which our readers and friends -- and indeed anyone who is concerned with problems faced in the IP space and how better information can resolve them -- is welcome to participate.

Topics currently available for discussion on the Aistemos LinkedIn Group include the following:
* Unicorns: does the concept of the billion-dollar start-up tell us about the behaviour of investors than about the nature of innovative business? 
* Reliability of prior art data and the use of Wikipedia by patent examiners;
* Patent examination and the extent to which the private sector can or should participate in this important activity; 
* Whether information-gathering organisations like national patent offices can do more to gather the sort of data that is useful to business and industry;

* Start-ups and multi-tasking: sometimes the problem facing new businesses relate not so much to what they have to do but to the order in which they have to do it;

* Whether it makes better sense to invest in brands than in patents in areas where patent cliffs and generic competition exist;

* How we can improve the reliability and accessibility of patent ownership records;

* The meaning of the term "big data" -- does it have a precise and useful meaning or has it become a just a devalued label and a slogan for attracting attention;

* ORoPO -- the Open Register of Patent Ownership: does anyone have experience of using it which they can share?
Do feel free to join our discussions and to give us, and other members of the Group, the benefit of your own thoughts.

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