Friday, 9 October 2015

Aistemos discussions on LinkedIn: why not join us?

Last month this weblog posted an item on nine discussion topics which we have started on the Aistemos LinkedIn Group. Since then, we've added a further three topics, which are listed here:
* Why is a return on investment (ROI) on Big Data spend so elusive? Our blogpost at speculates that accessing and using Big Data may require a different internal management skill-set to that used for processing, absorbing and exploiting regular data. We also suggested that a good system for managing even small units of data is also imperative, since humans have to adapt to new routines involving data and information. Thoughts on these issues are very much welcome.

* In a tweet yesterday, we observed that, while there's a growing body of data on returns on investment on various forms of patent-backed innovation, there's precious little information concerning lending institutions themselves: what sort of ROI do they enjoy on patent-supported ventures? Does it vary as between the US, where lenders seem to be more plentiful, and the EU, where lenders are harder to find and even harder to please? Is it right that there should be such an asymmetry of information as between borrowers and their lenders?

* A recent exchange of tweets involving Aistemos and @TheIpHawk turned on the use of inter partes reviews of patent validity in the US. Essentially, how does one calculate the advantage that may be gained by seeking an IPR in a dispute with a patent owner against the interests of (i) one's own shareholders and investors, given the cost of an IPR and the uncertainty of its outcome and (ii) the possible boomerang effect on the IPR applicant and other players in the same market if the IPR fails. Thoughts, anyone?
The Aistemos LinkedIn Group is a serious and responsibly moderated LinkedIn Group which welcomes discussion and debate. Do join and feel welcome to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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