Thursday, 1 October 2015

September's Aistemos posts: a handy summary

In case you missed our online activity during the very busy month of September, here's a list of Aistemos blogposts posted during that month, together with a short synopsis.  Each blogpost comes with a moderated comment facility, so please feel welcome to respond to anything you read, whether you disagree with it, wish to amplify or clarify its points, or merely provide further links to relevant material.

To check each post out, just click the title:

Understanding IP: The Big Data solution (29 September)

Aistemos CTO Steve Harris recently wrote a piece for the ITPro Portal on the contribution Big Data can make to our appreciation of the utility and value of IP. This blogpost adds some further comments.

Car manufacturers or part suppliers: who’s in the patent driving seat? (27 September)

With the aid of Cipher, we look at the changing balance in the battle to control the direction taken in automotive innovation, as vehicle makers cede more ground to their suppliers.

Tops and bottoms are fine, but what about the middle? (24 September)

At the top of the pile stand the Unicorns, packed with financial power; at the bottom are the small crowd-sourced initiatives.  They get the money and the attention -- but most innovative projects in need of finance are somewhere between these two exciting extremes.

Beta, but can it be better? PatentsView open for trial (21 September)

We take a look at a promising if somewhat limited development, in keeping with the US Patent and Trademark Office's commitment to transparency.

Keeping track, losing track: when data and human endeavour collide (17 September)

Those who invest in Big Data often cannot see their way to an effective return on investment: is the the fault of the data, or of human error in planning and data management?

IPRs and collective resistance to frivolous patent suits: changing the game, or just the rules? (10 September)

This post reviews the Patexia Coalition Funding Initiative and asks what might happen if those who bring frivolous patent litigation suits respond to it in a rational way.

Unicorns: what are they -- and why we should care (7 September)

The concept of the Unicorn -- the billion-dollar-plus start-up -- has tantalised us all. But what does it mean in IP terms? 

Patent information and reliability: the case of Wikipedia (4 September)

Patents are always vulnerable to post-grant discoveries of prior art, and Wikipedia is always open to amendment of its content: should patent owners and those who advance finance on them be worried about this?

Birthday keynote event! (3 September)

Aistemos celebrates its second birthday with a party on 22 October. If you'd like an invitation, just let us know.

Reliable patent ownership records: an ORoPO update (2 September)

Allied Security Trust, Spherix and Practice Insight Pty Ltd sign up for the voluntary non-profit scheme for providing verified and accurate patent ownership records.
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