Friday, 20 November 2015

Accurate patent ownership: a word about ORoPO

Earlier this year, amid the bright lights of the IPBC event in San Francisco, ORoPO (the Open Register of Patent Ownership) was launched.  To remind recent readers of this weblog what OPoPO is and what it stands for, we quote the register's website verbatim:
ORoPO is voluntary, open and non-profit.
  • Voluntary – participation in ORoPO is voluntary and free. ORoPO works alongside many of the world’s leading patent offices to complement their work around improvements in openness, transparency and data quality.
  • Open – all data uploaded into ORoPO is free of intellectual property restrictions and is made available to the public as open data.
  • Non-profit – ORoPO is a non-profit corporation. It is managed by a board of directors with the support of an Advisory Board.
The ORoPO database includes verified details of patents owned by organizations. 
Our mission is to improve transparency and openness around patent ownership data. This is an essential and necessary step towards the evolution of patents as a functional asset class.
Since the June 2015 launch, OPoPO has been mentioned on Aistemos blogposts here, here, herehere, here, here, here and here.

ORoPO has also been mentioned on the IP Finance weblog here, here and here.  Further write-ups can be found on the IAM Blog, ZDNetAdams IP and, impressively, on the Fraunhofer Big Data Center website.

2016 will see a renewal of activity regarding ORoPO as its advantages become more widely appreciated and more companies join the eleven which have already lent their support and their data to this important project.  Meanwhile, the ORoPO Twitter account is being kick-started and will provide a channel for communicating news of ORoPO as it happens. The ORoPO LinkedIn Group is also being activated. Do feel welcome to participate!

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