Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Aistemos LinkedIn discussions: two recent additions

The Aistemos LinkedIn Group, which now has over 280 members, has started a couple more discussion topics since we last drew the attention of our readers to it a little over a month ago.  Our most recent topics look like this:
* The Aistemos blog earlier published an item on trade secrets, these being intangible IP assets which pose a huge challenge in terms of integrating them into the methodology of IP analytics. We had hoped for some bright ideas from readers but, in their absence, we are putting down a marker on this LinkedIn discussion page so that we can return to it from time to time and review the situation. Meanwhile, your thoughts and perspectives are always appreciated [update: Aistemos has since posted two further items on trade secrecy, here and here, and will shortly be posting a further one on trade secrets management issues]

* What, if anything, do the terms "disruptive innovation" and "disruptive technology" mean? Our earlier blogpost here had attracted some interesting comments from readers, so we thought it would be good to pass these questions to our friends and colleagues in this LinkedIn Group to ask whether these terms are useful analytical terms or have become little more than soundbites and thetorical slogans. Your views are much appreciated.
The Aistemos LinkedIn Group is a serious and responsibly moderated LinkedIn Group which welcomes discussion and debate. Do join and feel welcome to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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