Monday, 11 January 2016

Our top ten blogposts for 2015: a checklist

2015 has been a busy year for Aistemos, and for its weblog which was relaunched last summer as part of a suite of community resources for IP analytics, along with the Aistemos LinkedIn discussion group and Twitter account.  All in all we posted no fewer than 74 items between May and December, the busiest month being August with 15 posts.   2015 has also been a year of discovery, as we have learned which of the topics on which we have written attract the greatest interest on the part of our readers.

The ten most popular Aistemos blogposts for 2015 are listed below, in descending order of popularity. If you'd like to read them, just click on the title.  

Top 10 Aistemos blogposts for 2015

Six of our top ten posts are sharp focuses on the distribution of patents across businesses and territories in specific sectors: fintech, automotive parts, prosthetics, brewing, cybersecurity and -- perhaps surprisingly -- aquaculture.  Of the remaining four, two are opinion pieces (on the value of expired and lapsing patents and on the quality of advice given to SMEs), plus a round-up of key issues for trade secrets protection and a note on the USPTO's PatentsView visualisation initiative.

Surprisingly, some blogposts did not make the top ten despite their obvious topical interest.  These included three posts on billion-dollar startups (a.k.a. Unicorns), a couple on using analytics to deal with insurance and patent trolls, and articles on disruptive technology, the need for SMEs to formulate an IP-based business strategy and the difference between data and analytics. 

What will be the most popular topics among Aistemos's blogposts for the coming year? Stay tuned: we'll be able to tell you in about a year ...

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