Friday, 29 January 2016

The road ahead for taxation on IP

With foresight and good planning, the road
ahead can afford delightful prospects ...
Forget the clichés about death and taxes: the reality is that, while death is an end-of-the-road experience, taxation is not usually fatal to the commercial viability of a business and, if dealt with in a sensible, realistic and proactive manner, its payment can even be a sign of corporate vitality.   This holds as true for IP-based businesses as it does for others, but the IP tax environment offers a unique array of avenues, containing both road-bumps and fast tracks, for anyone seeking to drive an innovative business to its next level. The world of IP taxation also contains some relatively new concepts with which to juggle, of which the most notable is that of BEPS (base erosion and profit shifting).

Bearing all of this in mind, it's often good to talk, if only to clarify one's own understanding, to find out if your ideas reflect the accepted wisdom and to share a little speculation as to how current turns of event might evolve.  A convenient catalyst for conversation is "The road ahead for taxation on IP", this being a timely Executive Roundtable hosted by Aistemos on Wednesday 23 March. 

What's it all about?  According to the organisers:
"There is no escaping the fact that intangible assets are more important than ever for companies at every stage of development. For SMEs, it is often the intellectual property that defines the ability to secure investment and the associated R&D that helps with early and favourable tax treatment. As companies grow, there is always the possibility of the UK’s Patent Box.

However, the most dramatic shake-up is in the area of the OECD’s changes that will impact all intra-group trading arrangements and associated transfer pricing issues. While the headlines may focus on Starbucks, Google and Amazon, there is no doubt that this is a new set of challenges for all. For the world of IP, this means that IP can no longer be invisible. Companies, advisers and regulators will require cogent evidence to support their views and this in turn has led to renewed interest into fresh sources of data and analytics".
Suitably qualified readers are invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on the recent changes and they opportunities that they will bring (attendance is limited to senior tax advisers from both industry and the profession to discuss the following topics:

  • Is the taxation of intangibles rational or seasonal? 
  • Are brands and inventions so unique that rational and objective treatment is simply impossible? 
  • What approaches and evidential support would reduce friction, increase transparency and avoid disputes? 

Veteran IP valuation expert Kelvin King (Valuation Consulting Co) and Paul Morton (Head of Group Tax, RELX Group) are the co-chairs.

Registration opens at 17:00. The roundtable discussions commence promptly at 17:30 and will continue over the drinks that will be served at 18:30.

Aistemos is hosting the event at conveniently central London address: 90 Long Acre, London WC2E 9RA.

To register, just click here

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