Monday, 15 February 2016

Aistemos LinkedIn IP Discussions: our most recent topics

The Aistemos LinkedIn Group, which now has almost 300 members, has recently offered three more discussion topics since we last drew the attention of our readers to it at the end of 2015. Our most recent discussion topics look like this:
* Practical guidance for rating patents. Donal O'Connell's guest post, offering practical guidance on rating the relative value of a business's patents and patent applications, has received surprisingly little attention -- particularly from SMEs and their advisers. Is there more to be said about this important and little-discussed field of activity?

* Fluctuations in share prices are sometimes based on a misunderstanding or what is apparently complete ignorance of the IP background to a deal or the outcome of litigation. The movement of Nokia's share price following news of the outcome of a patent is a perfect example. But what can be done to persuade analysts that patent data is a better guide to a company's prospects than their hunch about the deep significance of more ephemeral events?

* IP dispute resolution and the role of analytics. We posted this short item on our blog about the possible advantages of deploying IP analytics in IP dispute resolution, triggered by news of the increased use of third party funding of patent litigation. How great are these advantages, and are there any downsides too?
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