Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Aistemos LinkedIn IP Discussions: do join in!

The Aistemos LinkedIn Group, which has now grown to more than 300 members, has recently offered four more discussion topics in addition to those featured in earlier blogposts. Our most recent discussion topics look like this: 
* Whatever happened to patent trolls? Recent IPKat blogposts by Mike Mireles and Neil Wilkof featured myth, metaphor and the apparent decline of the patent troll (an emotive term for what is more appropriately termed a 'non-practising entity', or NPE) in the current agenda for patent law reform. Was the phenomenon of the troll merely the product of hype, or is there more to it?
* IP taxation and BEPS: a taste of things to come. Aistemos is hosting a roundtable on 23 March on the taxation of intellectual property, taking a look at the new and little-understood base erosion and profit-shifting (BEPS) regime as it affects IP-rich sectors. Judging by the Twittersphere and the social media in general, this is a topic that businesses seem quite content to ignore or avoid. Why?
* IP analytics and strategy: new publications. Over the past few months the Aistemos weblog has carried reviews of several new books that either cover or ought to cover matters of concern to the segment of the IP community that deals with analytics, strategy, investment and the like. If any member of the LinkedIn Group has recently published a book, or is shortly going to do so, please let us know so that we can take a look at it and report on what we see.
* Trolling in Europe and corporate cosmetics. We commented on an article by John-Paul Rooney (Withers & Rogers) on the risk of legitimate non-practising entities being mistaken for patent trolls under the EU's forthcoming unitary patent and unified patent scheme. Our comment generated many responses. In particular, it was asked whether there is even any risk of patent trolls in the new EU patent regime, given the structural, legal and economic differences between the EU and the troll-friendly US. Do please let us know what you think. 
The Aistemos LinkedIn Group is a serious and responsibly moderated LinkedIn Group which welcomes discussion and debate. Do join and feel welcome to share your thoughts and opinions with us. 

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