Monday, 21 March 2016

Entrepreneurship as organizing

Entrepreneurship as Organizing: Selected Papers of William B. Gartner, as its title suggests, is a "greatest hits" compilation drawn from the oeuvre of William B. Gartner, Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Art of Innovation, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Professor of Entrepreneurship, California Lutheran University. 

According to the publishers:
This book draws together William B. Gartner’s key contributions to entrepreneurship research over the past 25 years. An original introduction by the author offers a comprehensive overview and analysis of his work as it pertains to the development of entrepreneurship as a scholarly field, and the articles demonstrate the many ways in which his research has explored entrepreneurship in relation to individuals, firms, environments, and processes.
This curious book contains all sorts of oddities, including poems, haikus and an Entrefesto. What it lacks, however, is an index and an informative, helpful contents list.  What this means is that, unless you are already familiar with the author's work and are looking for something you already know, the only way to find out what is in this 345 page book is to read it from cover to cover. 

Be that as it may, reputations do not grow on trees and Gartner has earned his, having written some abundantly stimulating material over his career. The creation of new ventures, the characteristics of emerging organizations and the language of opportunity are among the topics bundled together here in previously published articles which he has written either alone or in tandem with colleagues.  

A word of warning: if you were thinking of perusing this book in search of Gartner's comments and insights into that newest of new ventures, the unicorn, this is not the place to be looking.  The most recent formal contribution to this book was published in 2010, before the term "unicorn" was first deployed. 

You can access full details of this book from its website here.

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