Thursday, 31 March 2016

IP Competitive Intelligence: Who’s Doing What?

"IP Competitive Intelligence: Who’s Doing What?" This is no idle question. Rather, it's the title of a forthcoming webinar hosted by Aistemos, this being the first time we have ventured into this increasingly popular medium. The date is Wednesday, 4 May 2016.  

For the convenience of those in a variety of time zones, the webinar starts at 1500 pm British Summer Time [note: the term 'British Summer Time' does not imply the existence of the British summer, a phenomenon that is often less in evidence than the fabled Unicorn].  

The webinar's synopsis reads like this:
Who owns what? This is the number one question asked by corporate teams engaged with the execution of corporate business strategy. The second question is how do we compare?
Join us on the webinar as we will take you through Competitive Intelligence, enhanced through the lens of Cipher’s analytics and visualisations [for the uninitiated, Cipher is an IP analytics tool. Apart from being extremely useful, it's also fun. You can read more about Cipher here; some of our blogposts that make use of Cipher data can be perused here].
This webinar will discuss
Marcus Malek
  • Experiences of major corporates integrating IP analytics to help reduce cost and make better decisions; 
  • The application of big data and machine learning to clustering and the comparison of portfolios;
  • Recent developments in data aggregation, analysis and visualisation.
Nigel Swycher
In this webinar, join Nigel Swycher, CEO, and Marcus Malek, Head of Strategy, as they discuss why major corporates are now using Cipher, the world’s most powerful IP analytics and visualisations, to support competitive intelligence and corporate reporting.  

For more information on the Aistemos website click here.  To register click here.

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