Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Competitive intelligence: the backbone to IP strategy

Vital, but only of use if it's
connected at both ends ...
Yesterday, in "IP strategy, start-ups and spin-outs: when divergent interests converge", here, this weblog welcomed the cooperation between the Licensing Executives Society's Britain & Ireland chapter and the UK's Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys in promoting a joint seminar on that subject. One of the participants in this event is Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher, who will be speaking on the theme of "Competitive intelligence as the backbone to IP strategy".

If you are planning to attend, or are just curious, Nigel's talk will open by summarising the evolution business practices involving IP [it has been stated since the 1990s that intangible assets represent 70% of corporate value -- but is this still the case?]. Whatever the current figure, it is plain that there have been big changes in patterns of corporate lending, insurance, motivation, and risk evaluation, as articulated in The Trillion Dollar Tipping Point Report, here. This means that IP is now a boardroom issue, whether companies fully appreciate it or not.

In the context of IP, market data and analytics are still developing to meet users' needs. While other markets have analytics to support the making of better decisions (see for example the financial services indices offered by Standard & Poors and the portfolio of global information services from Experian), IP analytics is a relatively new discipline, evolving as more data becomes available, data science provides more means of analysing it and demand increases.

Nigel will then address the difference between IP data and analytics, explaining how an IP analytics solution (such as Cipher) is structured in terms of data aggregation, analysis and visualisation. After offering an overview of how IP analytics can work when engaging in (i) competitive intelligence, (ii) IP risk management, (iii) corporate transactions, (iv) patenting strategy, (v) monetisation and commercialisation and (vi) collaboration and licensing, Nigel's talk will close with a look at what the future holds.

If you'd like to attend this event, which takes place on 28 April, just click here.

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