Tuesday, 3 May 2016

IP strategy, start-ups and spin-outs: a seminar bears fruit

Following our earlier blogposts (here and here) on the joint LES Britain + Ireland and CIPA seminar on IP strategy, start-ups and spin-outs, here are a couple of the speakers' PowerPoint presentations which may be of considerable interest to readers.

The first, here, is Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher's take on the topic.  His 22-page presentation spans (i) the evolution of IP as an asset class, (ii) recent developments leading to better analytics, (iii) the market for IP data and analytics, (iv) a broad range of use cases for major corporates, (vi) competitive intelligence and (vi) a challenge to let your imagination run loose for a bit.

The second, here, is from Annsley Merelle Ward (a talented young IP litigation lawyer with Bristows, known to many as the AmeriKat, a member of the celebrated IPKat blog team). Her 18-page presentation offered an update on the European Union's impending Unified Patent Court, subtitled "Invention to Enforcement". 

While there is no substitute for being able to attend any event, both sets of PowerPoints are lively, informative and full of interesting facts and observations.  We hope you will enjoy perusing them.

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