Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Aistemos LinkedIn Discussion Group: have you checked it out?

The Aistemos LinkedIn Group now enjoys the support of 311 members. In recent times this group has offered three further discussion topics, in addition to those hosted earlier and which have been featured in earlier blogposts. Our most recent discussion topics look like this:
* Patent landscape and IP competitive intelligence. Our blogpost at on an article, "Leveraging Patent Landscape Analysis and IP Competitive Intelligence for Competitive Advantage", has sparked off several readers' comments. This piece, published in Elsevier's World Patent Information, was authored by US patent agent Yateen R. Pargaonkar (Manager, IP Competitive Trends, with Chevron Energy Technology Co.) and it advocated in-house patent landscape analysis and IP intelligence with board-level interaction. Has the time come for this sort of facility, or is it just a fanciful dream? Do let us know your thoughts. 
IP and taxation: is it becoming unmanageably complex? Following our blogpost "The road ahead for IP and taxation: a roundtable round-up", it's reasonable to suppose that a lot of businesses with profit-generating IP will be addressing a wide range of legal and accounting issues in the wake of the OECD's proposals and forthcoming legal changes. Both tax law and IP law are moving targets and it's increasingly hard to predict the consequences of misjudging their point of intersection. Do members of this LinkedIn Group have any insights as to the best approach to getting this right?
The Aistemos LinkedIn Group is a serious and responsibly moderated LinkedIn Group which welcomes discussion and debate. Do join and feel confident to share your thoughts and opinions with us. 

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