Friday, 3 June 2016

Maximum Power: MaxVal partners with Aistemos

Sounds good!
Here's a spot of hot news that should be of considerable interest to the IP analytics sector and its clients:  MaxVal Group, Inc. has just announced its latest partnership; it's with us here at Aistemos, and covers Maxval's patent litigation data. US-based MaxVal has licensed its curated patent litigation data and the databank application programming interface (API) for integration into leading European IP analytics firm Aistemos’s global IP intelligence platform, Cipher.

How big is this patent litigation databank? Right now it stands at more than 71,000 cases, offering a comprehensive collection of decisions drawn from the US District Court, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, International Trade Commission, Supreme Court, and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. It has fully searchable databases related to patent litigation from Electronic Comment Filings (ECFs), PACER, the ITC, etc.

Major benefits of MaxVal’s Patent Litigation Databank are proactively monitoring and querying whether patents of interest have been litigated; gaining analytical insights on plaintiffs, defendants, filing trends and courts, and staying updated with patent litigation alerts. Paybacks of the API include easy access to complex litigation data without incurring any PACER expenses; and querying and analyzing using over 20 litigation fields including patents, products, plaintiff, defendant, court, judge, law firm, and outcome of cases.

Readers of this blog and followers of Aistemos on Twitter will by now know that Cipher is the world’s first IP analytics solution to aggregate, analyze and visualize IP data relating to patents and related events including litigation and licensing. MaxVal’s patent litigation databank will seamlessly integrate into Cipher and be available to Aistemos’s clients immediately.

MaxVal CEO D. Bommi Bommannan noted that combining good quality patent litigation data with IP analytics, as done by Cipher, provides with clients a powerful mechanism to assess and manage patent litigation risk. Cipher combines the power of machine learning, AI and powerful visualization methods to help businesses understand and communicate IP strategy instantly.

Commenting on the partnership, Nigel Swycher (Aistemos CEO) said: 
“The production of world class IP analytics requires best in class data and MaxVal has done excellent work curating litigation and dispute data from a range of US venues.”

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