Friday, 24 June 2016

Office for Creative Research: not what it seems

The Office for Creative Research (OCR) sounds like an official body; indeed, it has an almost euphemistic Orwellian ring to it.  The truth however is less sinister.  The OCR describes itself as 
"a hybrid research group, working at the intersection of technology, culture and education".  
According to the OCR:
"We build user-focused tools, public space interventions and forward-looking prototypes in the service of understanding and humanizing complex data systems".
A visit to the OCR website shows that its expertise lies in the field of data visualisation -- a discipline that has developed at a rapid pace over the past few years and which is increasingly becoming integral to the way we view information when making decisions that are based on complex fact structures.  This development has been aided by advances in software that enables these fact structures to be portrayed in a variety of dynamic and user-friendly modes; it has also been abetted by the demands made by increasingly sophisticated users and analysts.

The OCR is not specifically addressed to IP users, though there would appear to be no bar to its skill and expertise being addressed to problems arising in that market. It has already done some work on the identification of counterfeit medicines in Nigeria.

The use of visualisations in IP analytics is no new phenomenon.  The Wikipedia entry on patent visualisation pins its inception to the year 2000, and this blog has posted on the topic twice in the past year.  Aistemos has recently enhanced its own visualisation facility, which it offers through Cipher, and it is no secret that other companies in the field are dedicated both effort and resources to doing the same thing. 

This weblog welcomes all efforts to encourage higher standards of visualisation in IP analytics. We hope that improved understanding of IP data will contribute to the making of better business decisions, the achievement of a higher level of efficiency and the generation of greater profits.

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