Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Aistemos LinkedIn Group: have you checked our recent discussions?

The Aistemos LinkedIn Group now enjoys the support of 348 members. In recent times this group has offered no fewer than five further discussion topics, in addition to those hosted earlier and which have been featured in previous blogposts. Our most recent discussion topics read like this:
* Law firms in private practice may find the effective use of available data an excellent way of pitching to obtain instructions or broaden the scope of an existing client relationship. Group members are invited to share their thoughts and experiences in this regard.
* Is innovation in the US really dying? There has been so much doom-and-gloom on the social media and beyond with regard to the health (of lack of it) of innovation-driven sectors in the United States -- but is their obituary premature?
Europe, Utopia and the Unified Patent Court. Is it simply too early for IP owners and strategists to make plans for the Continent, when there is so much uncertainty and so little relevant ascertainable data?
The Aistemos LinkedIn Group is a serious and responsibly moderated LinkedIn Group which welcomes discussion and debate. Do join and feel confident to share your thoughts and opinions with us. 

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