Friday, 1 July 2016

From Science to Society: a sneak preview of the analytics presentation

Value creation means much
more than increasing production
Last month this weblog highlighted "From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation", this year's R&D Management Conference which takes place in Cambridge, UK, next week on 3 to 6 July [you can access details via this link].  At this very special event Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher will be giving a presentation on how R&D needs and benefits from IP analytics. This appears to be a topic in which many professional firms and industries are now interested as they look for ways that IT-based tools can support, with corporate foresight, activities that will increase their productivity and profitability. Here's a brief preview of what he will be saying.

Nigel will start by outlining what IP analytics is: in effect, it's a blend of big data (on patent ownership and  use data, eg licensing and litigation), data science, and visualisations. He will then explain how the current status quo is that, while firms use scientific papers, publications, market research etc as input into decisions, analytics is not part of mega trend planning for R&D teams. When 80% [while this figure is disputed, the point it makes remains valid] of technical information information is found only in patents, firms are certainly missing a trick. 

Next Nigel will make the point that, placed in context of questions of infringement and exclusivity, the need for a change in how we view IP analytics is even more important. The presentation will continue by focusing on the lack of information that has historically been a barrier to using patent analytics. Three questions in particular fall to be addressed on a regular basis: (i) who actually owns relevant patents? (ii) which are the relevant patents, and (iii) where are they protected?

This all leads to the Grand Finale, which will highlight that these problems have now been solved, introducing the Cipher analytics tool and giving a short demonstration of how Cipher works for R&D landscaping.

If you are attending this event, do say "hello" to Nigel and tell him what you think. If you have any constructive comments and criticism, you will find that he's an attentive listener and a quick learner.

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