Thursday, 25 August 2016

Due diligence: more value, less cost in corporate transactions

"More value, less cost in corporate transactions" is the title of the next Aistemos webinar event, which takes place on Wednesday, 21 September [details are available from the webinar website].  Its focal point is the role of IP due diligence, offering a fresh approach to this topic. 

About this event Aistemos has this message:
"Who enjoys being locked in a data room? During a corporate transaction, analysing information provided by a seller is often slow, expensive and unrewarding. The information is often badly organised, incomplete and provided late in the day. 
In this webinar, you will hear from Aistemos CEO, Nigel Swycher and a featured guest speaker on how IP analytics has managed to transform the approach to due diligence in major international law firms.

Over the course of 20 minutes, you will learn how accessing accurate data sooner is critical to both accurate valuation and risk allocation. The webinar will consider how to
  • instantly identify IP that is owned, licensed or litigated;
  • compare and contrast companies that own similar or conflicting rights;
  • analyse the cost of acquiring and maintaining IP portfolios".
(If you can’t make it for the webinar, register anyway and we’ll send you a recording)
If you can’t make it for the webinar, which commences at 1500 pm BST, why not register anyway so that you will be sent a recording?

For registration click here.

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