Wednesday, 3 August 2016

IP in the Boardroom: now for a more extensive survey

Compared with other intelligence gathering methods,
the Aistemos IP in the Boardroom survey is a real joy
This June Aistemos ran a short survey on attitudes towards what is best referred to as "IP in the Boardroom" -- the issues concerning the formation of business plans and corporate policy for companies that depend on intellectual property (whether their own or others'), the level at which IP-relevant decisions are taken and the identification of the data and analytical tools that are most appropriate for providing the factual platform on which projections are made and decisions taken. The results of this survey were published and formed the basis for a subsequent Roundtable on the same subject [reported, together with some of the survey's findings, in "IP Strategy in the Boardroom: around the Roundtable", here].

Following the success of the earlier survey and the level of interest it generated, Aistemos has decided to conduct a further, more extensive survey, and will be publishing the findings in a report later in the year.

The link to the survey is accessible by clicking here. Do please participate if you can, since the results are more meaningful when they reflect the views and positions of a larger number of respondents. There are only nine questions and, while the aggregate of the answers can be of monumental significance, they are all clearly drafted and truly easy to answer.

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