Monday, 8 August 2016

The Cipher tool: IP analytics in theory and practice

Readers of this weblog will have spotted the occasional reference to Cipher, the Aistemos IP data analytics platform which combines a vast aggregation of patent data with a variety of visualisations. There is plenty of information about Cipher on its web page, here, but not everyone has the time or the inclination to spend time reading text off a screen.  Accordingly, for the interest and edification of anyone who has two minutes to spare, there's a 118-second presentation which summarises Cipher succinctly: "Patents -- at the heart of the information revolution?" You can view it at your leisure by clicking here.

If you want to see what Cipher is capable of delivering, we've used it in the preparation of a number of our earlier weblogs. Do feel free to check them out and see for yourself ho handy Cipher can be:
* "Patents surrounding Pokémon Go – has someone caught them all?" August 2016

"Something new under the Sun? Photovoltaic patents take the limelightJuly 2016
* "Cutting unnecessary portfolio costs: an engineering company makes savings" July 2016

* "Expanding a professional relationship: how can IP analytics help?" June 2016

* "Microsoft and the missing Link? The LinkedIn deal has a patent profile" June 2016

"Steel: facing an innovation meltdown?" June 2016 
* "Cybersecurity: an update" June 2016

"Competitor behaviour revealed:an exercise in software patent dataMay 2016 
"Food for Thought: Trends in Hi-tech food and nutritionMay 2016 
* "Who is driving autonomous cars? A profile of patenting activity" May 2016

"Unicorns -- their message for the real worldApril 2016 
* "Rovi's patent position: not so bad after all" April 2016

* "Medical M&A – more than meets the eye?" March 2016  

* "White goods in the grey area: is there (still) a connected appliance ecosystem war?" March 2016

* "Patents: what lies at the heart of defibrillators?" February 2016

* "Drones: up in the air, but grounded in patent protection" December 2015

* "What we know and what we don’t: a review of patents for cybersecurity" December 2015

* "Nasdaq: shifting tides of value and the IP tidal wave" November 2015

* "Herding catfish? Time to cast a wider net over the aquaculture market" November 2015

* "Prosthetics: the next IP battleground?" October 2015

* "Strange Brew: beer patents under the microscope" October 2015

* "Car manufacturers or part suppliers: who’s in the patent driving seat?" September 2015

* "HERE today, gone tomorrow - but still here: the paradox of Nokia" August 2015

* "Fitbit wearable, profits bearable -- patents comparable?", August 2015

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