Monday, 19 September 2016

Converging on Gothenburg: plenty of IP in the CIP Forum

CIP is the Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Based on the university's School of Business, Economics and Law, it enjoys the support of the Chalmers University of Technology which co-founded it back in 2001. The biennial CIP Forum is CIP's flagship event, the next one starting this week (the Forum runs from 25 to 27 September).

Describing itself as an event where CIP Partners, colleagues, alumni, and invited guests gather to address the key industry, university, and policy challenges of the transformation to a knowledge economy, the Forum's focus is on sharing innovative ideas, research, and practical experiences among global actors. As CIP explains:
"A blend of theory and practice is employed to bridge the gap between strategy and policy and encourage critical reflection in a world where business and public policy are both in transition. The inclusion of CIP graduate students in the event allows the next generation to voice their opinions through the unfiltered lens of the beginner’s mind. A key goal ... is to transform the dialogue into action through new initiatives together with CIP Partners, academia, and policy makers ..."
This year's event focuses on the theme of convergence from both an industry and university perspective through three interrelated, convergent focal areas:
  • Industry Focus – Digitization and the Internet of Things: The Convergence of Technology and Business Models
  • Industry-University Focus – Building Professional Partnerships: The Convergence of Industrial and Academic Capabilities
  • University Focus – Beyond Tech Transfer: The Convergence of Research and Innovation
Again, CIP explains:
"The event will discuss challenges, trends, and specific management and policy issues that characterize the difficulties of convergence for industry and universities through plenary, break-out, workshop, and round-table sessions at different levels of focus, including policy, strategy, and operational levels. Participation is based on invitation, where the specific sessions are designed in collaboration with CIP partner organizations and board members as well as the key interests of the invited participants. The goal of the event is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key convergence issues by leading global policy makers, executives, and experts in an open environment where all participants have an opportunity to partake in the dialogue".
One of the features in this year's programme touches on IP analytics, and -- if you are heading to Gothenburg to participate -- you can attend it this coming Sunday. The session looks like this:
1330 - 1700 Innovation Information and Analytics
We live in a global world [this appears to be the only kind presently available; square worlds have been out of stock for some years now] with access to an overwhelming amount of information, but do we have the information we need and the analytical capabilities to find the right information and understand its strategic implications? Are we even asking the right questions? This session will take a critical look at the requirements, opportunities, and challenges facing innovation decision-makers in their search for better information and analytics and also discuss how artificial intelligence can support creative and innovative outcomes.

Moderator: Henric Rhedin, Board Member, ASTP-Proton and Business Developer, CIP
Nigel Swycher, CEO, Aistemos
Terry Adams, Assistant VP for Intellectual Property, Nestle
Hanns Hallesius, Head of Group Intellectual Property, Electrolux
Julian Nolan, CEO, Iprova
Aistemos is delighted to be represented among the Forum's illustrious roster of speakers, and excited to be engaging in discussion with the corporate heads of three very different enterprises, spanning leading food brands, electrical and electronic products and artificial intelligence. We look forward to learning from all participants and hope to be able to share some of our thoughts with readers of this weblog in due course. Oh, and if you are attending the Forum, do please take the chance to say hello to Nigel Swycher and tell him what you think about IP analytics and where it's going.

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