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September's Aistemos blogposts: a handy summary

We say goodbye to September with happy memories of a busy month of which the star feature was our keynote "More value, less cost" webinar on IP due diligence [you can follow it in full, complete with visuals, here]. But IP diligence was far from the only topic on which we blogged. In keeping with our regular practice, here's a list of the previous month's substantive Aistemos blogposts, for your convenience if you have been away or simply too busy to follow them in real time.

Each blogpost listed below comes with a moderated comment facility, so please feel welcome to respond to anything you read, whether you disagree with it, wish to amplify or clarify its points, or merely provide further links to relevant material.

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***   Wednesday, 28 September 2016   Swayed in Sweden? Making the case for Industry 4.0

Following the conclusion of this year's CIP Forum, Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher, who was honoured to be one of the presenters in this prestigious invitation-only event, gives an insight into some of its features and offers some data on the growth and spread of patents for some relevant areas of Industry 4.0 (= Internet of Things) technology.

***   Sunday, 25 September 2016   More value, less cost: IP due diligence, unexpurgated

Earlier this month Aistemos held a webinar examining IP analytics in the context of due diligence and the savings that can be made in patent portfolio management when this task is carried out. This blogpost carries links to the recording of the webinar -- which lasts around half an hour -- as well as the accompanying PowerPoints.

***   Thursday, 22 September 2016   Wake up and smell the fertilizer? Big changes ahead for agribusiness

Agribusiness is big business for several reasons. Most obviously, there are over 7 billion people on this planet and they all consume food that someone, somewhere has grown.  Producing more food, better food and cheaper food is therefore a market that will likely continue for as long as the human race continues to exist.  This blogpost looks at the way the biggest players in this sector jostle for control, focusing on their patents.

***   Saturday, 17 September 2016   IP in Africa: a golden opportunity to make an impact?

Over 800 intellectual property books recently found their way to the Africa University, Zimbabwe.  This blogpost points out that educating our colleagues in Africa with regard to the benefits of IP analytics, as well as listening to what they have to say about their own problems and how to address them, is an ongoing project to which all can contribute.

***   Thursday, 15 September 2016   DSC disruption? Close shaves and cutting-edge patents

Developments in the lucrative male grooming market have caught the headlines for many reasons. However, little attention has been given to the spread of patents that lie beneath the surface of the literally cut-throat competition that drives technological progress in a market that is not only global but has the extra attraction of products that their users must regularly replace. Deploying the Cipher patent analytics tool, we take a look at some of the market's salient features.

***   Tuesday, 13 September 2016   Patent litigation and damages in the US: cause for migration?

The Final Report of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology Patent Damages Workshop (UC Berkeley Public Law Research Paper No. 2823658) has been written up for publication in a forthcoming issue of the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal. The Aistemos blogteam takes note of it and adds a couple of comments of its own.

***   Friday, 9 September 2016   Due diligence: so essential, so easily overlooked

"Due diligence is a critical tool when entering into an M&A transaction". So says Mark Scott, this being the title of a Smart Business article where he interviews Elizabeth G. Yeargin (Partner in Ohio law firm Brouse McDowell). This message is scarcely hot news, which is actually quite depressing. Due diligence is indeed a critical tool, not just for M&A transactions but for many other tasks -- but it is increasingly apparent that many people in the business world seem to forget it almost as quickly as they heard it.  It should not be any more necessary to tell corporate decision-makers that due diligence is a critical tool than to remind them to get dressed before going out to work, or to turn their cellphone on before trying to make a call -- a point which this blogpost strongly endorses.

***   Thursday, 8 September 2016   Cipher User Conference 2016: a rallying-point for IP analytics believers

We preview the October get-together of users of the Cipher IP analytics tool. 

***   Tuesday, 6 September 2016   The language of innovation: whose responsibility is it?

"When Innovation Meets the Language of the Corner Office", posted by Berkeley academic Dave Rochlin on the MIT Sloan Management Review [available here], asks a question on which many of us have pondered: "What are the best ways to tailor the language of innovation to the executive suite?"  This blogpost wonders whether too little is expected of C-suiters, who seem quite able to grasp more complex concepts than IP innovation when they are not at work.

***   Thursday, 1 September 2016   Putting a price on Copaxone: pharma patents at a premium?

"Teva Plunges After Two U.S. Copaxone Patents Invalidated", posted to Bloomberg by Susan Decker and Catherine Larkin, tells the tale of another stock price fluctuation in the wake of a patent invalidation decision. Whether the 3% drop in Teva's value constitutes a 'plunge' or something less dramatic -- or indeed whether a larger fall could have been expected, given Copaxone'spredicted level of contribution to Teva's profits -- are questions for debate between headline writers and financial analysts, but any movement in stock value that follows a legal ruling on the validity of an intellectual property right is a topic that attracts the attention of this weblog.

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