Thursday, 10 November 2016

From econometrics to Industry 4.0: two events show the breadth of modern IP strategy

Two forthcoming events should by now have caught the eye of anyone who has a serious interest in intellectual property strategy.  While both are webinars and have IP (and especially patent) rights at their core, the very nature of their differences shows the sheer scope of the subject, once thought to be a tidy niche but now a topic that manifests itself in a wide variety of ways, through the application to IP of a number of quite disparate skills, disciplines and data sets.

First to take place is "Assessing the Impact of Patent Strategy", an OxFirst production scheduled to roll out next Wednesday, 16 November 2016, from 3.00 GMT. The speaker, Dr Nick Papageorgiadis, a Lecturer in International Business of the University of Liverpool and Associated Researcher at the department of Business Studies of Uppsala University, will introduce his fresh approach to the measurement of the effectiveness of the patent systems of no fewer than 49 countries. Following this by no means insignificant task, he will discuss the implications of the extent of the effectiveness of international patent systems on the patent strategy of firms, by explaining the results of his latest econometric studies. 

This topic is likely to be of acute interest to any enterprise that is either devising a global patent-based business plan or seeking to scupper a competitor's attempt to secure international control of a contested market.  Further details on signing up for what promises to be a most interesting presentation can be accessed by clicking here


A fortnight later comes our own forthcoming Aistemos Industry 4.0 webinar, "Examining Industry 4.0: Through the lens of patents". If you're not sure what Industry 4.0 entails,
"the increasingly connected, automated, computerised industrial revolution known commonly as ‘Industry 4.0’ is used to describe anything from smart refrigeration to industrial automation".
As previously mentioned, this event takes place on Wednesday, 30 November 2016, and it begins at 3:00 pm GMT. According to Aistemos:
Following the release of our Industry 4.0 report, powered by Cipher, we invite you to join us for an in-depth look at the macro trends uncovered within our analysis. Marcus Malek, Head of Strategy at Aistemos, and a featured guest speaker will examine the key players in Industry 4.0, as well as taking a deeper dive on the key technologies, geographies and the special case of China.
If you can’t make it for the webinar, why not register anyway? Aistemos will then send you a recording, together with the accompanying visuals. You can register by clicking hereFor more on Industry 4.0, see "Swayed in Sweden? Making the case for Industry 4.0", here.

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