Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hot off the press: the Industry 4.0 webinar recording is now available

Recent blogposts have focused on the challenges created by "Industry 4.0", a term that is gaining currency in the world of the Internet of Things. These posts include our well-received and much-read report on key technologies and trends, as well as a series of posts relating to "Industry 4.0 through the lens of patents", the Aistemos webinar which took place yesterday.

The recording of yesterday's webinar, under the title "Examining Industry 4.0", has now been posted online for the benefit of those who wished to participate but were unable to do so. Total running time is just over 27 minutes, so it needn't eat into your valuable time!

You can follow the presentations by Marcus Malek and Sebastian Muller-Borges, together with relevant visuals, by the simple expedient of clicking here.

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