Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Future of Big Data Patent Analytics: Workshop coming up

Here's some exciting news from Cambridge -- the English one, that is, rather than the Massachusetts version. It comes from the Innovation and Intellectual Property group (IIPG) within the Centre of Technology Management, at the Institute for Manufacturing. The IIPG seeks expressions of interest for attendance for a workshop on the theme of "The Future of Big Data Patent Analytics". The date of this momentous event is Friday 3 March at the Institute for Manufacturing.

What is the aim of this workshop? In short, it is looking to identify future technologies, with the potential to deliver breakthroughs for substantially better analyzing and visualizing patent data to enable previously untapped use cases, and to assist in major problem-solving in the patent analytics field, through the engagement of both the academic community and industry.

With this in mind, the workshop's objectives are
• to help improve patent analytics for more effective exploitation of the worldwide largest repository of technological information to enable new use cases.
• to develop a public technology roadmap to facilitate collaboration and coordinated action of actors in the patent analytics community to further develop the capabilities for analyzing patent data.
• to reflect on the technology roadmap and the development of future technologies to solve outstanding and long term problems.
• to bring together relevant stakeholders in a research setting to enable new collaborations, thereby enhance patent analytics progress.
If you'd like to participate in this venture, please express your interest by mailing, or through the workshop website.

There's also a short online survey that is associated with this Workshop. To participate in it, just click here.

This workshop is sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and supported by Aistemos.

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