Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Future of Patent Analytics: a foresight study and a survey

In connection with the Workshop featured in our previous blogpost, there is also a foresight study. This aims to develop a technology roadmap for the next 10 years of patent analytics, involving key stakeholders with relevant knowledge and expertise to push the boundaries of patent analytics, such as technical experts, lead users of patent analytics solutions, patent specialists and decision-makers.

This roadmap needs your input, which is why there's a short 5-minute survey that helps the Workshop's organisers
* to identify fundamental problems in patent analytics that need solving to push the development of patent analytics.
* to identify suitable technologies that could be used to solve these problems, thereby enabling breakthrough developments.
Do please participate if you can. Your responses can help shape a wider understanding of where patent analytics has penetrated, how far it still has to travel and how it can be improved.

General information concerning the project and the survey can be accessed here.

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