Monday, 23 January 2017

The Rise and Rise of the Intangible Asset: webinar reminder

Last November this weblog posted "The Rise and Rise of the Intangible Asset" [you can check it out out in full by clicking here] -- the first a series of reports, prepared by Aistemos, that are designed to alert and educate readers as to the growing importance of intangible assets in general and intellectual property in particular. The reports are based on the results of research conducted by Aistemos last year in its IP Strategy in the Board Room project [you can find out more about this by clicking here]Now we're taking this theme further and making it more accessible to the business community and its advisers.

In a week and a half, on Wednesday 1 February, you can enjoy "Examining the Rise and Rise of the Intangible Asset" in webinar format, as Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher looks at a selection of key intangible asset issues that were thrown up in the course of the IP Strategy in the Board Room project, discussing these topics with contributors to the report.

Is this topic important enough to make you drop whatever you might be doing and sign up for the webinar? Here's what some well-informed IP personalities have to say:
"Intangible assets are increasingly important for innovative companies today. We see that this has a positive impact on jobs, growth and prosperity”: Benoît Battistelli, European Patent Office

“As the UK moves to an increasingly knowledge-driven economy, the importance & role of IP in enterprise creation, growth & development also grows apace”: Charlotte Chung, Policy Advisor, Enterprise and Innovation at Federation of Small Business

“Every CEO and Board Director needs to structure their companies so that IP is used to deliver ever improving business results": Dan McCurdy, SVP, RPX Corporation 
“One area that warrants special attention is the growth of intangible assets, such as reputation and design. Over the past few years, investment in intangibles has grown to outstrip more traditional tangible assets. For businesses looking to better capitalise on their innovation, this increased attention creates great potential, particularly for growth." 

“Information about intangible assets is no different or less important than financial data or other economic indicators": Nigel Swycher, CEO Aistemos

“China is on the verge of becoming a major technology and IP generator, creating a tidal wave of patents likely to wash over the US and Europe’s shores in the next two decades, enabling China to dominate significant technology areas”: Ian Harvey, former IP adviser to the UK government.
If you'd like to sign up for the webinar, you can find all the relevant details here, The webinar commences at 3.00 pm GMT. If you can't make it on that day or time, sign up anyway and, in keeping with Aistemos practice, you will be sent a recording of the webinar as soon as it's available.

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