Thursday, 23 February 2017

Celebrate World IP Day with us at the IP Strategy Forum

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In an earlier blogpost we mentioned that the respected Managing Intellectual Property journal was launching its inaugural IP Strategy Forum this spring, in the historical and quite lovely surroundings of London's County Hall, on 26 April 2017.  It has since come to our notice that the World Intellectual Property Organization -- the UN agency responsible for promoting IP globally and administering its international filing systems -- is celebrating World Intellectual Property Day on exactly that date. The WIPO World IP Day website, here, has some background information about this year's event, which is on the theme of "Innovation -- Improving Lives".

Why not join us at the IP Strategy Forum on that date, so that we can celebrate the day together and spend a bit of time reflecting thoughtfully on the potential of the IP system to save lives and to enhance their quality, as well delivering benefits to those who create, develop and market them? We can tweet our ideas and comments using the pre-designated hashtag #worldipday.

For the record, the IP Strategy Forum is being held in conjunction with Aistemos.  Apart from the benefits of participating in the Forum itself, there's an additional bonus in that the results of last year's Aistemos IP Strategy in the Boardroom survey will be released in the form of the Aistemos IP Strategy Report. 

A strong panel of speakers and participants will be on hand, so you can test out your own views of IP strategy against people who have dedicated their professional lives to developing, shaping and modifying strategies of their own in an ever-changing world in which last year's IP best practice can so easily end up being shunted into next year's dead-end. 

Qualcomm, BAE, Philips, IBM, Nissan and Deutsche Bank are among the leading IP-sensitive businesses whose experiences and ideas will be up for discussion.  Do attend and join them in discussion if you can!

Further details of this programme can be obtained by clicking here.

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