Friday, 3 February 2017

Transparent patent records: it's time to toast an ORoPO webinar

If the transparency of toasters improves
their performance, shouldn't the same
be true for patent ownership records?
Exactly four weeks ago we posted this item on our blog, with the title "Push from CPA adds to ORoPO's momentum". It reported on the boost to ORoPO -- the Open Register of Patent Ownership -- which was delivered when leading intellectual property technology and management business CPA Global announced its active support for this not-for-profit initiative to improve the accuracy and reliability of patent ownership records. This support was described in terms that included an active programme of joint webinars with, among other patent-concerned enterprises, IBM and Mirosoft.

The first of these webinars has been announced and it takes place this coming Tuesday, 7 February.  CPA Global's invitation for the event reads like this:
The Benefits of Transparency In Patent Ownership

Join the webinar discussion on Tuesday, 7 February, when Manny Schecter, Chief IP Counsel at IBM and Tyron Stading, President & Founder, Innography and Chief Data Officer, CPA Global will discuss the Open Register of Patent Ownership (ORoPO). ORoPO is a practical solution that addresses a fundamental issue; the accuracy and accessibility of data around patent ownership. It sets out to complement the work of Patent Offices worldwide, and has the support of patent owners and the financial markets.
We have just heard that, joining Manny and Tyron, will be Aistemos CEO Nigel Swycher -- who will be participating in capacity as an ORoPO Director (for a full list of ORoPO Directors, click here).

Do sign up for this webinar and learn what ORoPO can do for you -- as well as what you can do for ORoPO.  The register is a facility from which you can only benefit; there are no losers. If you still need convincing, act now!

Details of registration for this webinar can be accessed here.  CPA Global's full programme of future webinars and recordings of past ones can be accessed here.

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