Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A howler from Owler: putting the record straight

The ever-interesting community-based business insights platform Owler surprised us by issuing a competitive profile with the subject heading "Aistemos Getting Out-Blogged By PatSnap: Q1 Blog Report". The substance of the profile was that "Aistemos had no blog posts this quarter compared to 30 from PatSnap".  Readers of this weblog will know that, between January and March, we have been far from inactive.  During that period we posted 35 items on this blog.  According to our trusty abacus, 35 minus 30 leaves 5, which is the number of blogposts by which we outblogged PatSnap.

Apart from putting the record straight, we can add a couple of further comments.  

One is that the quality of a business and its competitive edge can be reflected by many different criteria, but the number of blogposts per quarter is not one that would automatically spring to our minds, any more than the number of Tweets emitted or followers attracted. 

The second is that the process of counting blogposts can be simplified and automated through such devices as RSS feeds. However, it's always a good idea to check one's conclusions against reality on the ground (or, in this case, in the blogosphere).  If an otherwise live and energetic business appears to have ceased participating in any sector of the social media or a full three months,  it would only take a moment for a human to look at the sector concerned and see if the figures truly reflect that reality.

By the way, this tale has a happy ending.  While Owler can't actually retract or correct information once it has been released, the company will be working together with Aistemos to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

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