Friday, 19 May 2017

A new home online for Cipher

Aistemos's Cipher intellectual property analytics tool has featured many time on this weblog, and has furnished the analytical basis for a large number of its most popular and informative blogposts [if you're not yet familiar with Cipher and its capacity to generate commercially relevant data, which it represents in a clear and user-friendly format, follow the links to our blogposts here]

The reason for mentioning this is that Cipher now has a handsome and revamped online presence, via its new address at If you are wondering, "ai" is the country code top-level domain for Anguilla [more on this ccTLD here] -- but it's also the first two letters of "Aistemos", which is why we chose it.

Do take the opportunity to visit the new Cipher site and let Aistemos know what you think of it.  All feedback is gratefully received!

While on the subject of Aistemos online, this weblog is in line for a bit of smartening up itself, as regular readers will soon find out.  Meanwhile, remember that you can sign up to receive our blogposts by email, by typing your email address into the box provided in the sidebar on the blog's home page.  You can also keep abreast via an RSS feed (look for the RSS icon, also in the sidebar).

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