Thursday, 8 June 2017

We're on the move!

We've been here since May 2015, but this month the Aistemos weblog gets a major makeover and moves to a spanking new site here.  Not just that, but the blog's name is changing too. Aistemos is still the name of the company, but the branding of the blog is falling in line with the name of Aistemos' star IP analytics product, Cipher. 

If you are one of our email subscribers you can carry on receiving Cipher blogposts, and all other news items, from A new RSS facility will shortly be available there too.

The old Aistemos blogsite will remain accessible for a short while, but all its archival material -- and there's plenty of that --  has already been ported to the new Cipher blog.

We look forward to keeping you informed about all sorts of interesting bits and pieces concerning IP strategy, management and analytics. Do join us at our new Cipher site!

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